Fujiyoshi Etsuzan

Born in Tôkyô in 1937, he is the actual inheritor of the Great school of Fuke Shakuhachi.  

It is after reading the novel of Nakasato Kaizan “Daibosatsu-tôge” that he is interested in Shakuhachi.

At first he studied the Shakuhachi of Kinko-ryû Araki-ha school with Master Kimura Yûsai, and modern Shakuhachi with Master Horii Kojirô before becoming in 1960 the pupil of the Grand Master Takahashi Kûzan of the Fuke School to follow his teaching during 26 years until his death in 1986. The last and only disciple of the very strict Kûzan at the end of his life, he continues the transmission of the tradition of orthodox Shakuhachi of the Fuke school.

Uncontested Master of the traditional and orthodox Shakuhachi, he is also one of the most eminent player of Hitoyogiri shakuhachi, Shinobue flute (Japanese transverse flute), Iwabue (stone flute), Chinese vertical and transverse flutes, and ocarina.  

Apart from Shakuhachi, he continues his research in fields as various as Gagaku (music of Japanese court), Shômyô (sacred Buddhist songs), and the Matsuribayashi (music of the Japanese popular festivals).

Besides his appearances in television broadcasts, educational films, and various recitals in Japan and abroad, he endeavors himself to transmit his inheritance, and to make known the essence of Fuke Shakuhachi to the public.

It is possible to approach the essence of Shakuhachi by listening his albums Reibo and Kokû: The Shinne (真音) or the real tone (a sound to reach the enlightenment) is interpreted in a masterly way. Those 2 CDs Reibo and Kokû, are availble at the Mejiro store in Japan.


1. Reibo 鈴慕

2. Kuyô 供養

3. Takiochi 瀧落

4. Jiang He Shui 江河水

5. Sange 懺悔

6. Yazagin 夜座吟

7. Baishajyaguru 薬師如来 (Hitoyogiri Flute)

8. Kômyô 光明 (Hitoyogiri Flute)

9. Suzuru 巣鶴

10. Reibo Nagashi 鈴慕流

虚空  KOKÛ

1. Sankie 三帰依

2. Kokû 虚空

3. Ekô 回向

4. Shidzu シヅ

5. Yôkan-sanjô 陽関三畳

6. Awa-Reibo 阿波鈴慕

7. Reihô 鈴法

8. Sagari-ha 下がり葉

9. Izayoi 十六夜 (Shinoburyû Shakuhachi)

10. Akita Sugagaki 秋田清掻

11. Miyagino-Sugagaki 宮城清掻

12. Mukai 霧海

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